Indian Union Should Not Provide Political Asylum to the Genocide Perpetrators, the Rajapaksa Brothers!

Following the people’s revolutionary outburst, as Sri Lanka is reeling due to severe economic crisis, the country’s rulers, including the perpetrators of the Thamizh genocide, the Rajapaksa brothers, have been driven out by the people, and their houses and other properties have been set on fire.

Sinhala racism and Buddhist hegemony joined hands together to deny the fundamental rights of the Thamizh national race, its freedom, and subjected Thamizhs to the massive genocide of the century who fought for it. The root cause of all the misery that is happening in Sri Lanka today is the Sinhala tyrannical rulers who, without caring for the people’s welfare, fuelled the people with religious and racial hatred and fostered violence against the Thamizhs. Today, the innocent Sinhalese who stood by their rulers’ ruthless policies against Thamizhs are experiencing the atrocities and are reeling in the economic crisis that the Thamizh people have endured for fifty years.

The events taking place in Sri Lanka are a testament to the fact that a country can never stop a revolution when there is no food or water available; what happened to Sri Lanka today may happen to India tomorrow. Therefore, the Modi-led Union government must abandon the tyranny of dividing the people by religion, depriving the rights of national races, destroying language, literature, art, and culture, and dictating the Indian Union. Otherwise, the Indian Union rulers must realize that the day of the people’s revolution in Sri Lanka, which has implemented a unitary government system, is not far away in the Indian Union.

Moreover, it has been reported that the Rajapaksa brothers, who are currently being driven out by their own people, are seeking asylum in India. On behalf of the Naam Thamizhar Katchi, I urge the Modi-led BJP government to not come forward to offer political asylum in any part of the Indian Union to the tyrants who massacred two lakh Thamizhs and also not to allow these perpetrators of genocide to flee to other countries through India.

– Senthamizhan #Seeman

Chief Coordinator | #NTK

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