Is R.N. Ravi a Governor or an RSS Campaigner?

Speaking at a book launch in Nungambakkam, Chennai, the Governor of Thamizh Nadu, R.N. Ravi, registered shocking comments on the Popular Front of India organization (PFI). It is highly condemnable that the Popular Front of India, a popular people’s organization, has been tagged as a dangerous organization and slandered as the one behind extremist activities by several organizations.

The TN Governor, R.N. Ravi’s venomous comments on the Popular Front of India, which has been serving the people and doing noble deeds to protect humanity beyond religion during times of natural calamities and pandemics such as COVID-19, are highly intentional. It is not surprising that the public service activities and great work of the Popular Front of India are seen as extremism by the Governor, who openly supports the BJP and turns out to be a member of the RSS, which seeks to divide the country by denouncing the Islamic people as ‘Corona Jihad’ and seeking to segregate them during the COVID-19 pandemic. The motives of the governor, who is trying to create a religious divide in Thamizh Nadu by making an absurd argument without any basis, are very hazardous.

– Senthamizhan Seeman

Chief Coordinator | NTK

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