Allotting Exam Centers to TN Candidates Outside their State: A Deliberate Act to Exclude TN Youths from Railways!

The Railway Recruitment Board’s (RRB) decision to assign examination centers outside Thamizh Nadu to candidates who applied from Thamizh Nadu to take the Railway Examination is highly condemnable. This is an extension of a series of planned measures aimed at preventing Thamizh Nadu youth from being selected for union government jobs. The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) will hold a recruitment process for the 24,000 vacant posts in the Railway Department, which is controlled by the Indian Union, on May 9, 2022. Candidates from Thamizh Nadu who applied have been allotted examination centers outside their home state, which has come as a total shocker.

The RRB has purposefully allotted examination centers to candidates from Thamizh Nadu in Udupi, Nellore, and other locations, including northern parts of the country, i.e., at least 1000 kilometers away from their home state. Because the examination centers were only announced four days before the exam, Thamizh Nadu candidates face a significant practical challenge in locating the examination center located in another state. Furthermore, because the third wave of COVID-19 infection is rapidly spreading, traveling to the northern states is currently unsafe, and obtaining a COVID-19 certificate is difficult. Therefore, it is nothing but a racist attack on Thamizhs to create unnecessary tension among Thamizh Nadu candidates, to psychologically distort and fail them, and to expel Thamizh Nadu candidates without even allowing them to take the exam.

Why not establish adequate examination centers in Thamizh Nadu, a leading revenue-generating state for the Indian Union? In other words, if examination centers can be put in place in northern states where exam malpractice is common, why can’t the RRB establish adequate examination centers in Thamizh Nadu, where no such malpractice occurs? When the announcement was made in 2019 to set up examination centers in other states for the railways’ first level examinations, that order was immediately withdrawn due to strong opposition from political parties, including the Naam Thamizhar Katchi (NTK). Why is the ruling DMK, which questioned the same while in opposition at that time, now deafeningly silent? What efforts have been made on behalf of the TN government to set up examination centers in Thamizh Nadu?

On behalf of the Naam Thamizhar Katchi, I urge the Indian union and the Tn government to take appropriate measures to facilitate the relocation of examination centers working hand in hand with the RRB so that Thamizh Nadu candidates appearing for the Railway Examinations can write their examinations in their home state.

– Senthamizhan Seeman

Chief Coordinator | NTK

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