Revoke Fuel and Gas Price Hike!

The price of petrol and diesel has reached unprecedented levels, and the price of gas cylinders continues to rise, culminating in the BJP government’s tyranny over the plight of the poor and oppressed. The Modi government’s dictatorship, which has plunged the country into an economic crisis, is strongly condemnable.

People are staggered by inflation and business stagnation as the prices of essential commodities rise sharply as a result of the ruling BJP government’s misguided economic policies. The current increase in fuel and gas cylinder prices is a cruel act that is driving the country deeper into poverty. This indiscriminate increase in the price of fuel and gas cylinders is state terrorism against the interests of the people. As the public and truck owners are affected by toll fares, this price hike will lead to higher rental costs for goods carriers and a further increase in the prices of essential commodities in the market. As a result, the middle class, the poor, and the oppressed will continue to suffer.

The price of a gas cylinder, which was at Rs. 915 till yesterday, has now been increased by Rs. 50 to Rs. 965. Similarly, the price of fuel has reached a new high of 102 Rs. This has left the poor and middle class unable to use fuel and gas cylinders. While the government has announced that households using gas cylinders will not be provided with essential commodities, including kerosene, ordinary people are now unable to afford gas cylinders and do not have access to basic commodities. The union government, which has not stepped up its efforts to revive the country’s economy, is by no means apt to impose the tax burden on the people.

As a result, the union government should revoke the authority granted to oil companies to set fuel prices and immediately reduce fuel taxes. On behalf of the Naam Thamizhar Katchi, I urge the DMK-led state government to immediately fulfill its election promise of providing gas cylinders at a subsidized rate of 100 rupees less than the market value.

– Senthamizhan Seeman

Chief Coordinator | NTK

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