Rahman Reflected the Entire Thamizhs’ Views!

The tendency of Hindutva and the right-wing fringe groups to launch personal attacks and intimidate A.R. Rahman for his anti-Hindi imposition stand is highly condemnable. I assure that any vulgar activities and propaganda that manifest their arrogance will not be tolerated.

A.R. Rahman has reflected the views of the Thamizhs through his views on a nationwide opposition to the imposition of Hindi on all fronts as an extension of the BJP-led union government’s authoritarianism and denigration of equality and equal opportunity by treating the state languages as tertiary. What can be perceived as a response to Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s call for Hindi to be the lingua franca of the Indian Union instead of English, I fully welcome and second A.R. Rahman’s call for Thamizh to be the lingua franca, and I strongly oppose the tyrannical rule of the BJP, which seeks to impose Hindi. Eminent politicians such as Kayithe Millath and several others have registered in Parliament that Thamizh, the supreme language of all other languages in terms of grammar and literature, is rich, independent, and oldest, and should be the official language of the Indian Union.

The Thamizhs, who fought the Thamizh–Hindi language war and lost countless lives in it, more than any other race in the world, will never accept the Hindi imposition.If the BJP government seeks to forcibly impose Hindi, it is doomed that the land of the Thamizhs will once again wage a language war. This is the land where our forefathers, Nadarasan, Thalamuthu, Keezhappaluvoor Chinnaswamy, Sivagangai Rasendran, and other language martyrs died in the language war against the Hindi imposition, and this land and its people will never accept or allow the Hindi imposition. It is our genetic trait as Thamizhs to resist any form of domination and to battle it in a league of our own. As such, A.R. Rahman’s opinion, which shows his passion and love for his mother tongue, Thamizh, cannot be just seen as that of an individual; It is a reflection of the overall emotion of the Thamizhs! A.R. Rahman is the Proud Icon of the Thamizhs in the world of art.

If there were any personal attacks or threats against A.R. Rahman, one of the most iconic and world-renowned musicians belonging to the great Thamizh race, for his opinion that shows his passion for his mother tongue, it would be tantamount to insulting the entire Thamizh race. I warn that there will be severe repercussions if any attempt is made to trouble him “politically” or to launch any personal attack on him “religiously”.

– Senthamizhan Seeman

Chief Coordinator

Naam Thamizhar Katchi

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