Perarivalan Released: A Historic Decision!

The Supreme Court’s decision to release Perarivalan after a 31-year legal battle is heartwarming. Despite the fact that justice was delayed, this landmark verdict has restored public trust in the country’s judicial system.

Let Arputhammal, Perarivalan’s mother, rest her tired legs after running from pillar to post for more than a quarter-century. May Perarivalan’s future be brighter in the warmth of his mother’s embrace, having spent his youth in prison as a captive bird.

On behalf of the Naam Thamizhar Katchi, I urge the Thamizh Nadu government to immediately launch a legal battle in the Supreme Court demanding the release of the remaining six prisoners in the Rajiv case, citing the release of Perarivalan.

– Senthamizhan Seeman

Chief Coordinator | NTK

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